May 11, 2008

Hello, we are:

Seah Ee Wei (11)
Tan Ee Hsien (12)
Nicolette Tan (13)
Alicia Tee (14)
Toh Li Bin (15)

from Nanyang Girls’ High School. This website is a part of our Chemistry Student Initiated Assignment 2008. For this project, we have chosen to work on the topic “Oil Splat – A Chemistry of Oil Spills”.

An Introduction

An oil spill is the release of a liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment due to human activity, and is a form of pollution. Oil spills occur when tankers or ships carrying oil accidentally release the oil into the ocean. Oil spills have been a constant source of worry for environmental agencies and organizations because of its negative and widespread impact on the environment.


The solution that has been constantly used for oil spills are through chemical methods. We hope to find out these methods and their effectiveness in clearing up oil spills, and also if they in fact cause more harm to the environment by their usage. Oil spills are not isolated; they happen often, with most of the largest oil spills causing great worry and media coverage. We want to further deepen our understanding of this issue and evaluate the various solutions to this problem.

Also, the purpose of this website is to put up all the information we have gotten from various research sources and consolidated in these few pages of informative writing. This will, hopefully, allow everyone reading this to be more informed on the topic of oil spills and the measure we have taken in clearing up these environmental disasters.

Main Questions/Topics of Research

  1. What are the dangers crude oil spills pose towards the environment?
  2. What are the different chemical methods used to clean up oil spills?
  3. How does these chemical products work so as to clean up the oil spills?
  4. What are the advantages & disadvantages of such chemical methods?
  5. Does the use of such chemical methods in turn adversely affect the environment?

That being said, navigational pages are at the side; please do view them and add comments!

One very interesting website relating to our idea of research is Due to some technical difficulties, we are unable to put it up here but we encourage everyone to view this website :D It’s animated!

Cheerio, and thank you!